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About Me:


Leon Spinner

The Idea:
The Record Spinner Podcast is a music commentary that takes listeners on a trip through the vinyl collection of a young jazz/black music enthusiast. Each episode explores concepts of black pride in the music artform. Leon fuses his love for black music with his love of black people to create a personalized storytelling experience that is uniquely his own while attempting to encourage others to start their own journey. Join the movement!

About Leon:
Leon was born in Washington, D.C. and has been featured on (as well as hosted) several podcast and blogs. A former freelance music writer, Leon has worked in radio and with loads of internet start-ups and his love of music spans all genres and eras of music (1962-1979 is favs). Outside of music, Leon has a regular office job, is an avid reader, and is a self described black liberation(ist) (don't worry I'll talk about this more in later episodes)


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